Monster School: Pub Mobile

If you appreciate a mix of genres and games, you’ll definitely enjoy PUBG in Monster School set in Minecraft graphics! This time you are about to shoot bullets and drop bombshells that look like pixels on the campus of the famous school of monsters. The gameplay is familiar to what you already know from classic PUBG: a bunch of people meets each other on the battleground and fights until there is just one person standing. You will be able to choose a weapon to your liking and equip your character with everything you require for a success.

Once the match begins, rush into the building in search of firearms and ammunition. There are plenty of them scattered in the halls and classrooms of Monster School, but you should hurry up or other players might get to them before you! Your further actions depend on the gaming style you prefer. If you enjoy the heat of combat, you can rush right into the fight. But a wiser strategy would be to find a shelter where you can wait until the first wave of opponents kills each other and take them out one by one from a safe place.

Don’t forget to look out for crates falling from the skies – they contain useful stuff, including medicine, extra bullets and other equipment. Be careful, though, because other players will run towards them as well. You should wait for the right moment to avoid being killed right as you are you are about to lay your hands on the cherished box. The same applies to the rest of the gameplay. There are enemies waiting everywhere and it’s important to be capable of acting quickly and precisely in a critical situation. The school of monsters offers plenty of tactical opportunities – you can lead your opponent into a trap down its winding halls, shoot from behind the corner or hide out in one of the numerous rooms and wait for the danger to pass. Use the ledges of the roof as a sniper’s post, cover yourself from bullets behind columns and explore the mysterious building in search of various artifacts that will give you an edge over your rivals. Monster School: PUBG is an amazing battle royale to play with your friends!

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