Monster School: Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a cheerful and friendly character from a kid’s animated show that is familiar to children all over the world. She is yet small, but is already curious about everything. Together with her, the little ones learn how different things are named and what should be done with them, how to behave with your friends and family and what makes a good person. Peppa also enjoys playing and traveling and this time she ended up in Monster School! She has never been to such a place before or seen creatures like those inhabiting it. There are lots of discoveries, puzzles and adventures waiting for her in this mysterious institution! Help Peppa explore the building, make friends with monster kids studying here and solve numerous riddles that will arise at every step! You might even encounter a bit of danger, but Peppa will surely deal with it if you stay with her every minute of the gameplay and assist with friendly advice. Monster School: Peppa Pig will be interesting both for kids who watch this TV show and adults. The pixel-style Minecraft graphics and the cute atmosphere of the game will turn it into an unforgettable online adventure. Enter the school of monsters together with Peppa and find out everything about this fascinating place!

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