You probably watched the movie called Saw. It tells about a maniac obsessed with the notion of justice. He decided that our law system has been corrupted and doesn’t punish those who commit terrible crimes anymore. So he thought he had to take matters in his own hands – along with a chainsaw. You happened to be the one caught by this crazy man and now he is going to dissect you! What are you going to do? How can you escape the gloomy fate and find your way back into the civilized world? We are about to find out!

The maniac seems to keep you in some abandoned place. At first, you can’t see anything but an empty room where you stand shaking against the wall, looking at a saw that is getting close to you with threatening buzzing. It’s the first puzzle you have to solve – getting out of the room. Then you’ll figure out that you are locked in an old school. This is actually not just any school, but the school of monsters! The maniac is about to chase you, so you have to choose quickly where to go and hide.

Explore the vast building of Monster School – you will definitely find things that will come in handy for your purpose! After all, this is a magical building and there are powerful artifacts that will protect you from the maniac. On your way, you’ll have to unravel many more riddles and puzzles and choose the right thing to do in critical situations. The chase will be dangerous and thrilling! Play Monster School: Saw online and see if you can outsmart the famous maniac and get away from him with all your limbs in place!

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