Monster School: Fortnite

The legendary school of monsters has been transferred to the world of Minecraft. And now you can get to know all of its students! If you think that you will enter a common educational establishment, you’re far from being right! It looks nothing like a regular school. In its halls, you can easily see monsters, vampires, mummies and other creatures walking here and there. You will hardly meet any of them in the real world, but in Minecraft fairy tales come to life. This school is only for the children of famous monsters from high society. It won’t accept just anybody but the son of Dracula! These kids have their own habits, hobbies and entertainments. Wanna learn a bit more about this unusual school? Then press start and visit square-headed monster students in Fortnite!

In the game you will do plenty of things kids studying at a school do. There are lessons you have to attend – but of course they won’t be like the ones you had at your own class. Monster children need to know things we, people, know nothing about. So prepare for some supernatural and sometimes downright crazy tasks and puzzles! School days aren’t all about classes. And you’ll get plenty of time to just roam the multiple rooms and corridors of this strange building and explore its most mysterious corners. Who knows what you might find there! And surely you’ll get to make friends with the students and see their secret life at arm’s length! You’ll meet different beings of all possible shapes and colors. But don’t be afraid, nothing threatens you if you behave politely and can stand up for yourself. You will soon make yourself at home here! There are a lot of amazing adventures and discoveries waiting for you at Minecraft Monster School! Don’t waste any more minute, plunge into this enigmatic and exciting world and find out what it is to be a monster student!

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