Monster School: Granny

Those who played Granny already know how hard it is to escape her grip. Now you are going to try that once again, this time in the premises of Monster School. It is even bigger than Granny’s own house. There are much more rooms and finding your way out is a lot more complicated. Besides, the school of monsters is creepy enough on its own. The only thing that could make it even more frightening is the appearance of a derailed old lady wandering around with a blood-covered baseball bate!

Your task remains the same: Granny has locked you inside the school and you need to make an escape collecting different objects and using them to open the front door. There is one condition, though – Granny must not catch you! She carefully listens out to everything happening inside the building and if you make too much noise, she’ll definitely know where to look for you. So if you accidentally knocked out something or stepped on a squeaky staircase, run as fast as you can and hide as far as possible!

Each time Granny shows on the threshold and sways her grim weapon, you are knocked out and wake up in the same room where you started. That means one of the five days you have to fulfill your daring escape plan has passed. And you have less and less attempts left. Moreover, Granny won’t rely simply on the difficulty of the task and will try to reduce your chances of success by setting traps all over the place. You need to watch out for them, they can be anywhere! Only the most attentive and smart players will figure out a way to leave Monster School before Granny delivers her final stroke! Venture into the spooky building filled with weird things and see if you can walk out of here unharmed!

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