Monster School Games Play Online

Do you think your school teachers are nagging and boring, and classmates behave inadequately? Then visit the famous Monster School and you will understand that things can take an even more unexpected and troubling turn here! Students are totally unruly, because they are the descendants of their terrible parents: vampires, werewolves, sea monsters, zombies and mummies. Only if you play with them according to their rules, they will accept you for their own kind. Together you will solve magical tasks in the class, make friends and fight, play tricks on teachers and explore the vast premises of the supernatural institution hosting innumerate mysteries for you to unravel. A lot of exciting and hilarious adventures await you in Monster School!

Learn, play and freak out!

Everything in this place is different from what you might expect. The building is one big puzzle and, roaming its multiple halls and rooms, you will encounter things that can bewilder you even if you are an experienced puzzle solver. What are those strange objects? What do you need to do with them to achieve your goal? Most of the times the only way to find out is to experiment because the building is filled with magic you don’t know anything about yet. The students are no less weird. They look and behave in a way you can’t always understand. But you’ll going to figure out how to get along with them. You just have to be patient, observant and resourceful!

Your favorite characters on the campus

There are plenty of tasks and challenges waiting for you in Monster School. Can you babysit a room full of little monsters that don’t want to go to bed and keep using their powers on you? Are you able to escape a crazy maniac from the movie Saw who locked you inside one of the rooms and is threatening to cut off your arms and legs? Or outsmart the legendary Granny who is lurking in the dark corner of the school waiting to smash your brains out with her bloody bate? Even teachers are dangerous here. Look, here comes our old yet no so good friend Baldi ready to punish you with his ruler for making the smallest mistake! And of course you won’t miss a massive PUBG combat taking place right on the campus! As you can see, Monster School has plenty of surprises in store for you. Your online adventure in the supernatural world is about to start! Choose any of the games and try to survive in the mysterious, dangerous and thrilling school of monsters!